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Gloucester & Cheltenham Customer Testimonials

We pride ourselves on the excellent service we offer, which is why we have built up a very satisfied customer base

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Please read through the testimonials that we have received from our customers.

"Dear Charlie,
We wanted to express our thanks at the speed and efficient way that you carried out Winter Health Checks on our Peugeot and our daughters Clio. By bringing the problem areas to our attention, such as the worn out battery, broken bulbs, tire brake fluid, and other items.
We were then able to get some of these items sorted out by our regular mechanic, but you went far beyond normal services levels and sorted those little extras like fitting a strap to prevent the oil cap from blowing off and disappearing into the ether and fitting a new battery and resetting the cars electrical systems.
We will therefore be pleased to recommend you to anyone who has a car that need an honest diagnosis, fast and efficient service and be assured that you can find the answer to any problem.
We are also going to check our MPG and look at having the engine re-mapped for fuel efficiency.
Thanks again for your services. "
Alex and Claire Wilkinson - The Utility Warehouse
"I would like to thank you Charlie for coming out to inspect my car when the steering light came on after Christmas. Before I met you I would have probably ignored it for a time, thinking it would be stressful and expensive to put right.
Since the time you fixed my previous fault I have no hesitation in picking up the phone anymore, I know that I can trust you to deliver a great service at a reasonable price.
The thing that most impresses my husband and myself, is the time and effort you take to explain the faults and how you will or have repaired them.
Thanks again Charlie."
Anne Marie Thurgood - Athena Web Designs
"When the local BMW garage was too busy to help me, you came to the rescue. Having diagnosed the initial problem and troubleshooting the ones that followed, a typical example I suppose of how one problem often leads to another, replacement parts were ordered and fitted to get my car back on the road within a few days.
A few weeks later the same car was towed to a local garage by the AA after the conceded they could not get it started.
On this occasion your knowledge and experience became more evident, as you contacted the workshop to provide diagnostic support, suggesting tests which they had overlooked.
Despite my decision that it no longer made economic sense to keep repairing a low value vehicle in this instance, based upon my personal experience I am happy to recommend you to local garages requiring expert diagnostic support.
Many Thanks, Rav"
Rav - RS Accountancy Solutions
"Charlie from Mottec has been an absolute star. He has visited my house not once but three days in a row in order to diagnose and fix problems with my Renault and my daughter's Peugeot. His depth of knowledge and the amount of kit this van holds is astonishing!
Nothing was too much trouble and he fixed everything I and my vehicles threw at him, working with patience, diligence and until the job was done. Thank you so much Charlie.
From now on Charlie will be my motoring guru- and I highly recommend that you make him yours!! "
Susie Mackie - Memory Maker
"Dashboard warning lights are never a good sign and when the engine starts juddering as well then it's definitely time to call in a specialist.
Using his box of electronic tricks coupled with a lifetime of experience in working on motor engines, Charlie Morgan analysed and replaced the faulty cylinder on our family estate car quickly and cost-effectively.
Crucially, Charlie will also do the work at your home so following the initial analysis it was all done in a couple of hours and with no disruption to the daily routine.
I know from working with Charlie that he offers a range of services which can actually save motorists in the long run. I would certainly recommend that anyone wanting to save money on their fuel bills gives him a call to find out more. "
Rupert Janisch - Elmhay PR & Media
"Earlier this summer Charlie came out to attend to my old faithful motorcar to see if the failed electrics of windows could be repaired. He was prompt and friendly and very thorough in his examination of the vehicle in question. In fact he took the door completely apart to see if the wires could be prized through a tiny aperture that offered a small glimmer of hope.
When that failed, Charlie's good humour did not. He deftly re-assembled the door and left everything as it was before, advising on an alternative solution of having the electric windows manually over-ridden. In the meanwhile I know he has continued to keep a weather eye out for the second-hand parts required to otherwise fix the problem.
The fee charged was very reasonable and indeed on the generous side for this satisfied customer. As it has turned out it has been more a summer for keeping car windows tightly shut rather that open but that does not stop me confidently recommending his services to anyone."
Elaine Venning - Ezra Enterprises
"Hello Charlie! It's Kristy and Pete here- the guys who's lives you literally saved by getting our beloved campervan (Norm) back on the road to ensure we made it to Glastonbury.
Thanks to you we got there safe and sound and had quite possibly the best weekend of our lives. We drank to you every single day. Thanks for all your help-you will forever hold legendary status in our lives. You are a champion amongst men!
Hope you and yours are all well- forever in your debt. Kristy, Pete and Norm. "
Kristy Ryan
"I recently asked Charlie to carry our repair and a service to my daughter's car.
I was so impressed with the service I received from Charlie, he came to my house and repaired and served the car right there on my drive, I didn't need to even change my slippers! It was so refreshing to receive the first class service from such a charming man who explained to me in, mechanics language I could actually understand, what was wrong and what he was going to do, was truly wonderful.
Thank you again Charlie I am so pleased I have found you! "
Maree Stephens - mmm! Coffee
"Dear Charlie,
You kindly offered to carry out a winter health check on members' cars and I am so glad that I took advantage of this.
We were impressed by the array of specialist equipment in your van-yours is a sophisticated and professional service. You spent over an hour looking over all areas of the engine and also investigating a couple of strange noises we highlighted.
At the end we received a very thorough checklist and report, together with a photo of the results of one of the tests you carried out identifying a problem with the battery. We were able to go to the garage with this and to have the affected part replaced under warranty. This problem would not have come to light until we actually broke down, so your health check saved us potentially huge inconvenience.
Thank you for a very professional service, with a very real benefit. "
Jane Harvey - Harvey Morgans Virtual Assistant
"Charlie offered a free winter car check and was happy to check my son's car instead of mine. Little did he know what was in store for him!
I was particularly concerned because my son was driving around with a broken windscreen. That was an obvious problem. There were many other hidden problems, which came to light as Charlie delved deeper and his list of things that badly needed attention grew longer.
The upshot was that I banned my son from driving the car again until it had been fully serviced. Charlie offered to carry out the service.
I cannot recommend Charlie more highly for his patience, diligence, attention to detail and the way he bends over backwards to help. He worked tirelessly in freezing cold conditions, and it was a real bonus not to have to take the car to a garage-and I'm sure any garage would have charged a lot more.
Thank you, Charlie. You're an absolute star and I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone and everyone. "
Sally Grindley - Forever Living Products