Servicing your Caravan or Motorhome

Caravan and Motorhome Servicing in Gloucester

Make sure your caravan or motorhome is in a good condition ready for the busy summer season with a mobile service from Mottec Automotive

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Every caravan and motorhome owner will save time and money in the long run by regularly servicing their vehicle. A service will ensure great reliability and increase the eventual resale value of the vehicle. It is also part of the law to keep every vehicle in a good condition to prevent danger to anyone.

Some checks on a vehicle are easy to undertake yourself. Such as making sure the tyres are in good condition or that the lighting equipment is working. Others are best left to experts, which is where Mottec Automotive can help.

Motorhome Servicing in Gloucester

Mottec Automotive caravan and motorhome services includes:

Leisure Battery Check & Testing

We have a bespoke leisure battery tester that we use to test the leisure battery on the vehicle. The leisure battery supplies a much lower current over a longer time period compared to the vehicle's other battery. This is because they are designed to run the camping appliances used in caravans and motorhomes.

The life of the leisure battery will increase if you take greater care of it. We check the battery for cleanliness and wipe off any deposits that might have built up on the terminals. We test the charge of the battery using our specialist equipment, making sure it is outputting the correct amount of voltage required to power the vehicle.

Power Management

We check over the power management system of the vehicle to make sure that it is working effectively and safely, ensuring that your vehicle always has the power that you require. We can convert the lighting of the vehicle over to led lighting if desired.

Safety Checks

We undertake all essential safety checks during a caravan or motorhome service. These includes checking any gas equipment and their connections for any damage or leaks. The mains electrical supply is also tested to check the power output. We will check for damage to the brakes and chassis, although we do not undertake any repairs.

We check the vehicle for any signs of floor delamination and check for signs of damp. As caravans and motorhomes can spend most of their time outside in the elements it is essential that the vehicle is damp proof.

General Health Checks

There are lots of different health checks that we carry out during a motorhome or caravan service. These include checks to the tyres and lights, testing the tyre pressure and general condition and the lights connections. We test the wheel rims for damage and test the wheel nuts for tightness.

Upgrade to Solar Panels

Have you ever wondered how you can save even more money when camping? If so then a solar panel installation could be the answer. We will look at the power consumption that you use and find a solar panel that is suitable for your needs.

We install the solar panels in to the vehicle and they harvest the suns power using photovoltaic panels. This energy is then released through the power management system when required. Meaning that your electrics could be running on the power of the sun.

All the above services are available mobile throughout Gloucestershire. Please contact Mottec for more information or to arrange a service.

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